Community Building

Nandini Villa takes immense care in contributing to the local community.

The guests are encouraged to participate in local events and get a taste of the local culture, customs, and traditional events.

Nandini Villa and guests have participated in the past in various cleanliness drives as well like the ones organized by Dhauladhar Cleaners and local NGOs.

Ms. Nandini Thapa is also a patron and contributes to various social causes and donation drives at local schools and girls’ education and empowerment initiatives.

Arts & Music, Cuisine & Culture

Nandini Villa has been blessed to be frequented by sought-after artists – painters, musicians, culinary artists, corporate leaders, classical dancers, and singers quiet regularly.

Thus Nandini Villa is a melting pot of sorts
whereby one would run into various artists and form organic collaborations. One finds musicians, artists, and singers engage in impromptu magical and musical jams and sessions.

Books are available to avid readers. Ample space for those who just want to sunbathe, practice their yoga routines, or break a sweat in the gym.


Nandini Villa’s vision is to provide every visitor and guest ‘A Home Away
from Home’- nestled in the laps of the beautiful Dharamshala, Himachal
Pradesh, India. To provide an authentic environment; a lifetime of
experience whereby individuals and families create magical moments and
memories away from the hustle-bustle of the modern city dwelling.