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Our endeavor at Nandini Villa is to curate experiences that provide comfort the moment you walk into our property. We are pet friendly. We understand our guests prefer to work remotely while being immersed in nature. We provide dedicated internet connections across the property so work and life can go on in comfort without disruption.

We sit down with you to understand the reasons why you are travelling to Dharamshala. We curate your experiences and stays accordingly. It’s difficult to cover everything Dharamshala has to offer in a few days. For some it may be the first time here, we will recommend you the places to check off your list.  For some it may the nth time, we share with you’re the secret slow-life locations, local unseen places immersed in nature which needs more time.

Modern day city living makes us get used to the amenities of a city life and lifestyle. We make sure you experience luxury and still be in the laps of the mountains and nature like never before.

Immerse into the magic of the 5 elements like never before. Nandini Villa is nestled in the laps of the Dharamshala valley. Sun, earth, fire, water, space weave their magic here. Experience Mother Nature like never before.

Enjoy The Tranquility

Create memorable experiences immersed in the five elements. Hear the birds chirping and the flow of nearby mountain natural river stream.