Our Story

Picture the magnificent Himalayan ranges, packed with snow that sparkles when the sun strikes its surface. At the foothills of these nature’s wonder is a small city called Dharamshala which is also known for its enchanted air with the famous Tibetan Hum “Om Mani Padme Hun” . Situated in the heart of Dharamshala, is “Nandini Villa” which is built with love on an ancestral property of Ms. Nandini Thapa who built this ‘Home away from Home’ for the world to experience.

What makes this place so special, is the passion poured by ex Lt. Col Deepak Thapa and his wife Ms. Nandini. After having served in the army for 21 years, Lt. Col Deepak took premature retirement to live the life he had always dreamt of.
A cozy hut in the mountains with a picturesque view to drink a hot cup of beverage to every morning. With his youngins which include his son Himanshu and daughter Himani and three Golden’s (Poochie, Loco and Kiki)



Lt. Col Deepak Thapa served in the Indian infantry 2 DOGRA and in the beginning of 1989 his Team of Twelve began gearing up for the most challenging move for Operation MEGHDOOT on the Siachen Glacier, with the average winter snowfall of 1000 cm (35 ft) to -50-degree Celsius temperature in Partarpur. On April 30/31, 1989, the battalion was ambushed by two prolonged attacks on ‘Dogra Hill’.

Thapa base (2nd LT.
Deepak Thapa
(center) alongwith
his team
The attack was repulsed in the World’s Highest Battlefield in a stunning act of gallantry by the battalion. The area of action was rechristened as ‘Thapa base’ in his name, which till date serves as a source of motivation for all young soldiers and officers alike. For the commendable work done by 2nd Lt. Deepak Thapa, he was honored with a Yudh Sewa Medal for his Gallant action against the enemy, in the inhospitable Siachen Glacier.
Lt. Col Deepak Thapa was laid to rest on 8 March 2018 after battling cancer for a year. His legacy is being carried forward by his wife, a woman of indomitable spirit who single handedly completed their dream project of Nandini Villa. What started as a two bedroom cottage, is now a 27 rooms boutique hotel, thriving with prolific greenery.
Villa-inner View
Ms. Nandini started out as an English Lecturer at a Government college in Dharamshala. However, there was much more to life than a regular 9-5 job, whereupon she embarked on a journey as a freelancer in an insurance company we are all familiar with “Life Insurance Corporation” of India. Life was not a walk in the park for her but it was worth every minute of her life. Over time with persistence and perseverance she managed to build a substantial client base which enabled her to invest in their dream of bringing a cozy boutique hotel.
Belonging to the army family we would like to accommodate our fellow comrades at a discounted price of 15% for the entirety of their stay. This is an earnest attempt to meet and grow a network of bravehearts who deserve more than just respect for their service to the nation.